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February 18, 2008


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I like it .. pretty basic for me but I enjoyed it .. actually it made me fall asleep the first time I heard it .. I think I was too tired already :)

David Will


This is a wonderful refresher for verbs! Please link this on radio lingua so Coffee Break French users can make use of this too.


jen o

Tres Bien! Mark is a great teacher and I listen to CBFrench every day. I have been unable to download this to my MP3 (not an ipod) even though I am able to download CBF. Can you post it in a different format? Thanks so much for helping me to learn french!



I am a beginner at French and stumbled across Coffee Break French and now this verbcast. These are wonderful tools.

This is a very pleasurable way to learn the verbs.

Thank you

Ahmad Hamdan

it sound so great
Thank you very much
istarted yesterday and it was so usefull ihope i could finish it succefully


Coffee Break French is addictive for me. Verbcast is an enhancing perspective. A different point of view that makes a difference.

I like to soothe myself with the catchy never-boring tune that brackets Coffee Break French. The calming mindfulness of Verbcast is a helpful context for here and now focusing.

Thanks, Mark for all you do to help us learn the codes (languages) so necessary to widen our circle of friend around this Earth!



Hi Mark
Thank you so much for your innovative language teaching methods. I love CBF, and have just discovered Verbcast - this it the first time I've gotten beyond lesson one in any French learning method. I really like your approach!


it's been a pleasure to have come across CBF and verbcast. My classmates in our French class was the one who informed me about CBF but she doesn't know this, so i will inform her when i get to meet her on our next meeting. I'm excited to share verbcast to her so we can have more resources for our learning (especially that we are poor in audio activities in class). And this verbcast is a bit relaxing too since you are instructed to relax instead of get stiff to know what are the lessons! Very Helpful as a learning strategy! =)

Thanks to all you who exerted their efforts to share this to us!


How to Relieve Stress

Very innovative, teaching language using relaxation techniques. Typically relaxation techniques are used to reduce stress, but I guess that if you are calm and relaxed as opposed to being stressed then you're probably in a better frame of mind for learning.

Thomas Knight

Is this like subconsious training to listen to while you sleep? Why do headphones make it more effective? Haha, probably just so others won't hear it and be annoyed!


I like this. I am going to try and use this and to brush up before I go back to Paris

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