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February 19, 2008


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Julian Mcardle

I am a primary teacher in Highland Region who has always had a keen interest in language teaching in primary schools since I started teaching in August 1980. I feequently "dabble" in personal study and listening to a variety of languages, and enjoy listening to contemporary pop,rock,jazz etc and easy listening music in French, Italian and Spanish as I believe that immersion in a language allows the brain to develop an unconscious "feel" for it to which you then add more structured approaches. I have been adding podcasts, video newscasts links etc to my computer!s desktop and I picked up a link to the VerbCast last week and it is excellent! Quite enjoyable picturing the cerebral screen while walking on a quiet riverside walk! Well done. I'll look at the website for more details.

Bill Brown

Mark, Thank you for this course. I need verbs. What a great way to picture the language.

Joseph Lira

This approach looks quite interesting I must say, I will definitely try it and tell four of my friends about it.
I think immersing your self in a language is the best, with todays digital media is easier, I particularly like listening to songs in other languages.


I just want to say how much I have enjoyed the VERBcast. It has given me a lot of confidence in being able to conjugate verbs, and it has been a good addition to my Coffee Break French studies. I have been listening to the VERBcast for the past several weeks from the state of North Dakota, in the U.S.

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