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June 18, 2008


Spidra Webster

I'm not completely caught up with my lessons but I'm a remedial student anyway. You've already hit por and para which are real bugaboos. Have you covered how word order can change the meaning of an adjective? I've always been confused about when to put adjectives before or after the noun. Like the difference between una gran mujer and una mujer grande.


I agree with that person: adjective placement in relation to the noun. Also, school subjects in Spanish and school settings would be nice to know. Maybe you could explain a couple sentences on the difference between Spanish education and American, too? Great podcasts btw. Thanks!


I have found your podcasts to be super useful - ¡muchisimas gracias! I began working with some Argentineans back in February and have been soaking up your podcasts in preparation for my next trip down (December). I also have been practicing with an Argentinean Graduate Student, and there are two areas where I frequently encounter problems (aside from considerable pronunciation differences in the Castillano spoken by Argentines). These are the conditional tense and future tense. It would be great if you could touch on these in a couple of upcoming podcasts.


It would be good to learn the future-tense of all the verbs.
Amd some phrases related to school seems good to me. Maybe some animals too. And maybe more family words, like grandmother, aunt and cousin. The parts of the house would be good.

With the small words, like on, at and off, I have also some problems :D
Love your show

Kelly Rogers

I love your podcasts. I listen everyday on my way to work and have learned sooo much. I would like to see more practice at putting things together to make useful phrases and anwering questions in everyday settings.

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