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August 22, 2007


Alex Shackleton

Hello, I've recently downloaded the podcasts but for some reason I can only get them from No 11 on iTunes, so I miss the basics, and I can't seem to access them from this site. Can you help me please?


These lessons are WONDERFUL!!! I have been living in Naples for a year now and I've learned so much via these exercises. This is truly wonderful. I especially like the tone of the gentelman's voice and the way that he repeats the words and phrases over and over. It's not too much but enough that I feel comfortable. I am so impressed with the instruction!!


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The Italian podcasts are GREAT! I hope to see you when you start running them again. I am also "following" this podcast on twitter. Keep up the great work!


I notice that Lessons 61 & 62 are not posted on the Webiste. Is this an oversight, or were they part of the subscription service? If the latter, a brief note of explanation would be helpful.

Debbie Johnson

Hello, I just purchased the premium membership. How do I access the "members only" section.

Thank you!
Debbie Johnson


The podcast has been wonderful! I put it on and repeat it a few times when I get up in the morning. It gets me out of bed because I am so curious of what I am going to learn! Grazie!!

I was wondering how would you say, "I speak Spanish and English." I am not sure how to pronounce "Spanish" in Italian or "English" in Italian.


Well, I see it has been 3 years since this podcast was produced - it turns out I'm running through it at a bit of an accelerated pace - my commute to and from work is about half an hour, so I'm listening to a weeks worth of lessons each way, which is perfect as I've just finished episode 50 and in just over two more weeks I'll be headed to Europe - a week in Oban (*) followed by a week in Rome (visiting a friend who lives there, so I'm sure I'll get a few "personal" lessons at that point)

Anyway, my suggestions for the podcast, should you decide to go on to another level or re-do what you have here, would be multiple formats

1) the format you have now - "hello, this is the lesson / comments / boilerplate about MDP, radio lingua, etc."

2) a format without the boilerplate, but on a link only publicized by the first format - I know what I've downloaded, so I don't need to be reminded every podcast. The /time/ spent on the episode should be about the same, but you could go into more depth about the phrases, grammar, and vocabulary

3) an extended format - 15 minutes or a half hour - for people like me listening while driving - and covering 3-5 days worth of lessons. Yes, it is a larger "chunk" to learn, but not huge. Again, more time could be spent on the grammar and vocabulary, and perhaps the history of the words (especially when they are words that made their way into English in some form or another)

Also, one thing that would help for people who can't watch their ipod screen while listening would be to spell out the words when presenting the vocabulary.

Thanks for listening

(*) yes, Oban - in fact, I'll be needing some ideas for "what to do in Glasgow for half a day" waiting for the train...

Sammy "The 3D Phone Reviewer" Jay

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