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July 28, 2007



Hola Mark,

I think your example in the podcast of subtraction differs between the English and the Spanish with the numbers in the equation mixed up (i.e. English: 5-4=1; Spanish: 5-1=4).

Having said that, the equation examples are useful for a practical application of how to use numbers. What would also be useful is understanding the terms and pronunciation for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. You have some examples in Coffee Break Spanish when referring to floors in a building but I don't recall anything covering instances up to say 10th.

Hasta pronto!


Is Cafe Cortado not being updated anymore?

David Will

Hola, Mark y Kara. Are you going to bring back Cafe Cortado?

Bob Telling

OK, I am a late starter on this podcast in that I only discovered it about 6 months ago.
I have been buying your guides and have reached lesson 26 where you discuss the new podcast named Cafe Cortado.
I have now sought it out and there are only a few episodes to read.
Is this podcast history?

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